Start Planning

Live your French experience

There are countless ways to conceive a journey to France and we want to design the perfect fit for you!

Inspire your travel desires

Wine tastings in fabulous locations

Get enchanted by thousand scents and colors of French wines, visit small estates and explore ancient vineyards among majestic chateaux.

Hand-selected cider of Normandy

Savor one of the world’s oldest drinks in a bistro of a charming small village in the north of France and go back in a moment to the Middle Ages.

Lights and colors of France

Capture the perfection of a moment, dining at sunset on a rooftop terrace with a view or sailing on a boat along the river.

Make your dreams come true

The advantages of private experiences

Relish in the peace of extraordinary places visited with exclusive access and tailor-made tours, to make the most of your time in France.

The time to live unique moments

Dive into the sea, away from the chaos in the privacy of your private yacht, enjoy a cocktail at sunset and look up at the starry night sky.

Myths, legends and history put together

France has a long history of castles and kingdoms, mixed with romantic legends of princesses and fearless heroes that we will reveal to you.

Enjoy your experience first-hand

Release your creation and express your talents

Have fun preparing croissants or macarons in a cozy shop with your Maître de pâtisserie, create your design for a unique jewel and become an artisan for a day!

Prepare and taste the traditional cuisine

Get local strolling in a farmer market to taste fresh seasonal products, and learn all secrets of the French food in a cooking lesson guided by a chef.

Behind the mysterious art of parfumerie

Discover the world of the perfumery and learn to discern the various accents of scents, sharpen your senses and make your unique fragrances.